Sunday, January 30, 2011

Having Fun = Need Money

Also known as, the failure of a January 2011 Budget.

Okay…so I’ve been happy lately. Happy but busy…so I need some advice.

I joined a bowling league. One of my awesome team members used to play on a local college bowling league and passed on a pair of her old shoes to me. So, each week all I owe is the money for playing three games. I think we have 9 weeks of this left, but I only have to pay for 7—I paid some upfront. I really enjoy bowling, but I think I enjoy it more just for fun. I’m not the best player (in fact, I’m one of the worst in the entire league) and I feel bad that I don’t score high. So I probably won’t join another league unless it truly, really is just for fun.

The other awesomely fun thing I’ve joined is a pottery class. I used to do pottery way back in the day, and loved it. I’ve only had one class so far, with two more to go, but when I walked out last week I was all, “I looooove this!” I obviously work on my own projects as do everyone else in the class, but the atmosphere is so fun, everyone talking and enjoying each other’s company. The teacher is there if anyone needs help. I can see why people call this the best class around and keep coming back session after session. But it is EXPENSIVE. Think like $33/ a week. Granted, that covers everything- three hours in the studio each week, making/firing/paint…all the clay, everything is included. And I can already tell that I’m going to want to go back for more.

And a third thing…babysitting. I am still babysitting Bug about once or twice a week, although the last two have been cancelled due to snow and sickness, respectively. I love Bug, I love babysitting for him, and I can’t wait to meet his new sister in a month or so. But with his sister’s arrival, I’m assuming/ planning in my head that my time with him will decrease, at least for the time being…which means a few hundred dollars less in pay for me a month.


any tips on how to still have fun, still enjoy the things I do, without going back into debt?  Sarcastic smile

How do I repay my parents (the last debt I have aside from school loans) and still not go crazy by not doing ANY “extracurricular activities” (Is that still what they are called as an adult??)  I already stick to a food/entertainment budget, although to be honest that got screwed up this past month as the pottery and bowling things came to be quickly and after I had already done my budget. I still have a savings (probably for a car later in 2011, my car just hit 190K!) and didn’t dig into that to pay for bowling/pottery but I don’t know how to balance this all, I suppose. Deciding now was the time to find some outside activities in the dead of winter when babysitting will be going down…not great timing.


  1. This is definitely something most people struggle with. I think you need to set a sensible budget each month for "blow" money & determine what you want to do within that budget. Maybe right now it's bowling but when the league is over, you do pottery. Just because you're not doing one of them RIGHT NOW, doesn't mean you're not ever going to do it.

    Or maybe you save up money from anytime you're under in a category & you're allowed to use that money for one or the other.

    I hope this helps!

  2. How are you doing on your family loan? What's the balance? Looking at your sidebar, you're TOTALLY killing your debt! You're doing a FABULOUS job Bethany! You had $10,321 as of 11/3/10 and you're saving for a car. I'm excited to see an update!
    Your hard work, sacrifices, and discipline is paying off!


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