Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seafood Cabin & Other Kidisms

I know that Christmas seems like forever ago…but I think you’ll enjoy this anyway.
From Thanksgiving until the New Year, the kids and I were listening to Christmas music incessantly. Laney would sing along, and a few times I listened to her and ended up asking her what she was saying.
1) For Paul McCartney’s song “Wonderful Christmas Time” (scroll to 0:30 if you don’t know what I’m talking about) when they say “simply having a wonderful Christmas time”…
Want to know what Laney was singing? Seafood Cabinnnn a wonderful Christmas time. Smile with tongue out
2)  A Holly Jolly Christmas—Scroll  to 0:40
I hear “ho ho the mistletoe….”
Laney? She hears “Hi ho the missing toe!”
and a 3rd one, though not Christmas related- and I hear this one daily!
Taylor Swift’s song “Mine” is popular around the O’s house. They listen to a lot of country music and sometimes the stations that I have on in the car or house will play this song as well. Every time I play it, Derek and Laney shout, “It’s SCRIBBLE DAUGHTER!” Truthfully, I still don’t see how they get this out of Taylor’s Song but Derek tells me it’s from the part of the song at minute marker 0:40 . He insists she’s singing “scribble daughter”…
Hope I’ve provided you with a little bit of mid-week chuckles! Smile

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  1. I just took down my outside Christmas lights today....it wasn't TOO long ago :-) I wanted to leave them up....I should've. Next Christmas...I just might :-) It's so cute the way kids translate things...I'm pretty sure the lyrics are "careful daughter", but what do I know :-)


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