Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24


For some odd reason, this day has always had a special place in my heart. I’m not sure if it’s because my birthday is coming up in a few days. Perhaps it reminds me of grade school and old friends- today is the birthday of one of my old friends.

Last week I went on a super-organizing binge. Once I was (mostly, since how can you ever really be completely DONE organizing) finished, I allowed myself to enjoy a container of old letters and pictures sent to me by family, close friends, old coworkers, former students, etc. I have a ton more at my parents’ house so the ones I have here are mostly just from the last year or so.

I soon came across a card that was written four years ago today. It’s a birthday card for me, dated February 24th, and it’s from my now-deceased grandpa. I think it’s the last card or letter I received from him while he was still semi-lucid, before the Alzheimer’s really took hold.

It’s a goofy card with a moving cat smiling…not the type he’d choose on his own. I think by the time he sent it I was almost moving back to Ohio and stopped in to say hello very quickly a week or so after I got the card. I just love the happy memories seeing his handwriting brings back. Smile





  1. I bet he was an incredibly special guy. Sweet that he took the time to write out so much in the card. And I enjoy his sense of humor! Hope you are gearing up for an awesome birthday :-)

  2. Very sweet memory. Happy birthday to you!

  3. Awww, what a special memory. YOu will cherish it always.
    I still have a handwritten letter my dad had sent me before he died. He had included a check, and the note said, "Don't tell your mother."
    Fifteen years later, I still take that letter out and smirk.

  4. Your grand dad was so thoughtful he was able to make that card. You must be very special for him. Unfortunately, I could not read most of the letters but the act of sending you one is very touching.


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