Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Heard on a Snowy Day

For some very odd reason, I've found it entertaining to listen to the local police scanners online while the snow piles up. I only recently discovered that you can do this, but if it's snowing hard and I'm trapped at home, it's likely I might have the police scanner on. I also like to read the police reports

Anyway, if you listen long enough, you hear some odd things, such as:

- A man is threatening to hurt his girlfriend because she won't order him a pizza. (I suppose this isn't funny per se but really...pizza...?)

- A person was spotted pulling people down the road on a sled while he is on his motorcycle (I can see this happening in the country where my parents live but in the city?!)

- Police officer badge #56 requesting backup at Taco Bell (and then they got cut off so it made me wonder why he needed backup at Taco Bell. Is it that bad?)

- Purse and contents stolen from grocery cart of woman loading her groceries into her car (I bet next time she will put her purse in her car first...)

-Car stolen from man. Roommate took the vehicle (get a new roommate)

- Someone stole an air conditioner from the side of a house (it is seriously 0*...what the heck?)

Yes, so it's a strange habit of mine. Do you have any? Haha.


  1. Ha, that would be amusing to listen to. I like how someone stole an air conditioner.

  2. Stealing an air conditioner...really? Oh my...


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