Monday, February 28, 2011

I’m the Birthday Girl!


Woot Woot! It’s the last day of February (woah!) and if you’ve been around here long you know what that means! If you have no idea, you can click

2010- My 25th Birthday was awesome, even though Miss Sharon embarrassed me with a hippy chick pic.  At some point that weekend Hope and I went out for dinner. My parents and youngest sister also met me halfway and we went bowling and to Cracker Barrel. Good times, not to mention a fabulous girls’ weekend with Sharon. I’d love to have her come again this year, but she’s just a *little* busy with my birthday buddy Cillian. It’s okay, Sharon. I forgive you, but only because he’s cute. Truthfully though, we had SO much fun. She even got to meet my grunting roommate at the time (no joke!)


2009- My crazy roommate was in the process of moving out and I had some friends over for cake & Wii bowling… Smile


2008- I think this is the year we went bowling and to Max & Erma’s. Good gosh there is a lot of bowling involved for my birthdays!

2007- I was moving again in a few days, this time back to the big OH. I went out to dinner with my friend Jenn, my mom, two youngest sisters and my Grandma. I think we went to a steakhouse and there were definitely Peeps involved.


2006- I turned the big 21! I did have a huge birthday party but it was bittersweet because I was making a huge (14ish hour) move the next day to become a live in nanny in Massachusetts. However, I did celebrate with lots of friends at Bahama Breeze and will cherish the memories from that night forever. Smile


2005- I had returned from Austria and was living on campus but judging from old photos I found, I brought some friends to my parents’ house for a birthday party Smile


When I turned 14/15/16 (????) I had a smiley face sleepover. Uh, yea. I was not known as a cool kid by any means. Winking smile



and because it’s cute (or not because I have HUGE glasses!) but it was probably one of the last birthdays Stevie and I got to celebrate the correct way (aka TOGETHER!). So old!!

And going back even further, circa. 1995. I got a 3rd sister for my 10th birthday. Don’t I look SOOOO thrilled? And yet somehow I still love this picture. Shows my young spunk!! Rolling on the floor laughing


So, this year. I’m turning 26, and what am I doing to have fun? Well, nothing. I’ll visit my family next weekend…I’ll be working all day on my birthday but on the plus side I do have pottery class!


  1. Happy Birthday Bestie! We'll celebrate your birthday together again...I promise! Have a great night!!! Love ya!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Happy birthday. Cute pictures!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! I had a BLAST w/ you last year & can't wait to have another girls' weekend w/ you. We'll just have to celebrate a little later. ;) Maybe 1/2 b-day this time.
    I hope you have a wonderful day, the kids are good at work, and that you get a tad spoiled.
    Happy Birthday!!! xoxoxox

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    Wii Bowling is so much fun.

  6. I will never get over that pic of you in your giant glasses! You're a good recorder, I can't remember that many bdays back but I can tell you there's was usually a turkey dinner involved.


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