Monday, February 07, 2011


A by-the-numbers weekend (and Monday)

14: number of hours I spent in the car

3: the hour (in the early, early morning) we stayed up til on both nights

Not enough: sleep we got

5 weeks: how old baby May was when I met her Saturday

Priceless: spending a quickly planned weekend with my bestest and her family, aka my 2nd fam :)


5: number of children I am in charge of today

5,4,3,2,0: ages of said children

1: number of children asleep right now

1: tantrum from 3 year old so far bechase he didn't want to share

1: child who told me "I don't like you" bechase I was asking him a question and he was trying to poop in his pull up

1: child who drew me a picture less than 5 minutes after she walked in this morning

0: pages I'm betting I'll get to read today during "naptime"

Happy Monday!

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