Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Pots: Session I

I finished my first session (class? series?) of pottery on Monday. I felt kind of strange taking my camera out and snapping a few photos, but 1) I wanted to have the pictures to look back on 2) my aunt had asked to see pictures of what I was making and 3) well, I wanted to show you all, of course!

I made four pieces. All of them were crafted on the wheel, which I loooove. I truly have no desire to handcraft anything, which is probably a bad thing. Sure, the wheel is challenging, but it’s somehow strangely calming to be crafting anything clay in a huge, quiet warehouse. There are about 10 people in my class and some of them started just last week, others have been doing it for five years!

Some of my creations are….well, lopsided. Oh, well. I still haven’t made a mug or a vase, for some reason it seems like bowls are what my hands prefer to make. I’m excited to see what the next session holds. The gloppy paint you see on two of the bowls is some kind of “exploding” paint so I think it will be fun to see how they turn out! The two bigger bowls are still not painted…any suggestions Smile







What do you think? Have you ever taken an art class?


  1. WAY cool. i'm so impressed!

  2. Never taken a art craft. I am not a crafty person. Your bowls are pretty.

  3. Very impressive! I love them all, esp that 2nd one. So cool! I've never done pottery or the wheel. I imagine it's soothing, huh?
    Seems you've got another talent there. I hope you stay w/ it!

  4. Oh I think they turned out really beautiful!! I love them!

    Especially the speckled one :)

    You've inspired me to go do something! I really need to get invovled in something!

  5. I think they look really good! I am excited to see how you paint them!

  6. Very nice, I'm impressed. I really like clay dishes. You see a lot of nice ones here, and yours look just as good


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