Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Walk With Bug

With the imminent arrival of Bug’s baby sister, I’m treasuring the time I have with just him. Not that I won’t adore baby Renee as well, but it will surely be different.

Yesterday I had the chance to pick Bug up from school. It was sunny and 60* so we took a quick walk. Bug rode in his plastic car for a while and then decided to walk.

He quietly reached up and took my hand.

Later when I put him to bed, he gave me a hug & kiss before I even had to ask and proclaimed, “I looooove you, Bettany”

Oh, does he know how to melt my heart.


  1. Such a warm photo to see! Special time with such a special little man..

  2. He's a little charmer. I bet you were on Cloud 9


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