Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Bethany 1
I forget where I came across this website or who directed me to it, but it’s a quick & fun thing to do. Your parents say you weren’t named after anyone or anything. You can’t find your name on pens/key chains or other souveniry things.

Just enter your name and click on “Map It”


As it turns out, there are places/roads/schools named after me all over the place!

- There are two within maybe 10/20 minutes of my house. There’s something fun about seeing your name on a sign, so as stupid as it is I might go check them out Smile 
- a Bethany in Israel, a Bethany Street in Belfast, Ireland (why did I not know about this when I went there!), two in Alaska, one in Puerto Rico…anyway, it’s cool! Go check it out Smile



  1. I did this...and there were only 19 push pins for my name...I'm thinking your name is more popular than mine??

  2. Very cool! I'll show the kids when they get home from school. :-)


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