Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Yippy Yi Yay!

So…if you look over on the right there, do you see anything different? Something exciting??


The ONLY debt I have left to pay off is my school debt!

I put a bunch of babysitting money in my savings as I received it. I added my bonus from work in December, and feel like I have enough of a buffer- basically my emergency fund which, if I need it to later in the year, can hopefully help to buy, or buy completely, a “new to me” car. I didn’t feel safe paying off the family debt in full before, knowing that there was NO extra money in there in case something was to happen.

I’m still working on building up the savings. I took care of two extra kiddos today (er, yesterday) and their mom insisted on paying me. I have close to $100 in babysitting cash that will go into savings on Thursday, as well as $84 of change that I finally rolled up. I decided that for now, I’m not going to go anywhere for President’s Day. I was going to try and find a cheap flight to reward myself for paying off the debt- uh, that’s what Dave Ramsey says to do, right??… but then I decided that I might go somewhere in March when my nanny fam goes to Arizona instead, and there’s no way I can do both. Plus, I want to do another pottery session so that instead will be my “congratulations-to-me” gift in addition to my birthday present. Haha.

Anyway, I’m proud of myself. I’m making strides. Slowly, but it’s happening.



  1. Yay! Good for you!

    The pottery class sounds like a nice reward! :)

  2. AAAAAAH! That's so awesome! I'm giving you a virtual congratulatory hug right now! Super proud!

    I love that you're going to treat yourself to a pottery class as a reward. That's a wonderful idea.

    I think you should set a savings goal & reward yourself again when you hit that. Then, set a goal for your student loans and keep on going! Don't stop now!

  3. Awesome!! Congrats!!! And hey, it's not THAT slowly. It was not much more than a year ago you finished FPU. I'd say that's pretty dang GOOD!

  4. yay you...i remeber the day i made my final payment on my student loans, such an amazing feeling.

  5. That is wonderful. I really love your blog layout. Did you customize it yourself? Great layout.

  6. That's awesome! I'm sure it must feel grand!


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