Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Blogging: A Yes/No Day

I've been re-evaluating my blogging lately. Why do I blog? It started out as a way to record the happenings of the kids I nannied for while I lived in Massachusetts. It's recorded my trip across the country, vacations, job changes, awesome days, horrible days, the loss of friendships and roommates, new friendships blossoming. I've chronicled the struggles I had with my job last year, the longing I have to go back to my old school. I love blogging, I do. But sometimes, I rethink things. Have I posted too much detail, though what I wrote was raw, my current thoughts?

I've thought about stopping the blog, stepping down for good. I do not feel the need to record everything that happens, every day. I blog when I feel like it and there are rarely drafts in my dashboard.

I've thought about making the blog private, which may not be a bad idea but it also x-es out any new networking connections I'd make. I thought of this last night when I was on my former students' mom's Facebook page. She added me after I left the school, and after a lot of thought I accepted but she has no access for now to my wall since I'm friends with my old coworkers, who are her daughter's current teachers. Nevertheless, through her page I was linked to another former student's mom's blog, and it turns out that she works/worked the local blogging/food circuit. She knows people I know, twitter and local friends of mine. That's close. Almost too close. I don't purposely broadcast where I live, but still!

Not many people read here, and that's okay. Through blogging I came across my good friend Sharon a few years ago. That in itself would have been worth the experience! I also like to think I helped lead my best friend to blogging about her sweet girls, who I love hearing more about!

I have chosen time with friends and books, making bowls in pottery and making strikes in bowling over endlessly trying to catch up on all the blogs I used to read. The days are sunnier and longer, the sun warmer, and I just can't justify sitting in front of a screen all day or night when I don't have to. My life will not end, or change, if I don't read every.single.post that my online buddies write, but it's taken me a long time to realize that.

Just the random ramblings on my mind this morning. Do you ever re-think blogging or the way you go about it?

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