Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Step --> Two Steps <---

It figures.

I knew it was going to happen, since I paid off my family debt recently.

My car is having a problem, and it will cost pretty much all of my savings to repair it. It's not something I can ignore for much longer but with the any-minute arrival of Bug's sister, I haven't been babysitting. Add to that the cost of gas lately, and well, we'll just say that I'm screwed if ANYTHING else happens to need money soon. Oh wait, it does. I have to alter the dress for my sister's wedding, buy shoes and gift(s), save gas money...

I'm just bummed. Here we go. If I get through the next couple months without 1) using a credit card or 2) having to take a loan for a car, I'll be surprised.

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  1. I have been there done that and totally understand. I can tell you that somehow, some way, you will get through. I can promise you that!

  2. I'm sorry. I agree with Julie, been there doing it now with this sister predicament. You will get through it!

  3. Relax. You're going to get thru the next few months. Here are some ideas:
    1. Put an ad on Craigslist. You'll babysit for someone if they can alter your dress. There are lots of people who can sew!
    2. Get some shoes from a thrift store or borrow them. NO ONE WILL NOTICE YOUR SHOES.
    3. DO NOT TAKE OUT A LOAN FOR A NEW CAR- you will regret this. Ignore it for as long as you can or repair ONLY what is absolutely necessary.
    4. I don't know your sister, but if I told my sister I was worried about making ends meet, then turned around & bought her a gift, she'd be mad at me. Your sister doesn't need a gift. You being in her wedding is a wonderful gift and very costly. You can make it up to her next year for their 1 year anniversary.

    I hope this helps. Just relax & try not to panic. You'll get through these next few months, I know it!

  4. Your bio says you love candle making. Do you have the supplies to make 1 as a gift for your sister?

    Do you have supplies where you can sell some to make a few extra bucks?

    Finally, if you own a bike, start biking whenever possible. I know you said your babysitting location is too far to do that, but if you go to the store, bike. If you go to run an errands, bike. It will quickly save $ on gas!

  5. well that totally sucks :-( I hope it gets better...


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