Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tell Me Lies

My roommate is good for lots of things. After a few years of crappy roommate situations, it’s nice to have a good friend to live with. We don’t see each other a lot during the week with our different work/class/meeting schedules but usually catch up for a few minutes at night. She’s always spouting off some random song and/or trivia knowledge.

Tonight, she began singing Fleetwood Mac’s “Tell Me Lies”…

She then added something about not being able to handle the truth at the end. I’m not sure if that’s part of the song or not, but I told her I’d keep that in mind and then began coming up with some lies for her, just for fun…cause that’s what we do!

I had a medical book lying on the couch so I told her that I’m entering medical school. (Total lie. If there had been a book on pigs, I’d have told her I was beginning a farm).

With that news, she popped her head in the living room and said, “Well, you can enter medical school if you want but it has to be here in Big City.”

Yea…she has a *little* fear that I’m going to move away and leave her roommate-less.

What can I say? My friends are fun Smile

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