Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alas, A Mug!!

Yay! I actually succeeded in making something other than a bowl!


Okay, so it’s a mug. It’s still different.

IMG_6433The inside of the mug really is that blue!

The other pictures make it look darker but just ignore that Winking smile 


Also, I made my roommate a purple salad bowl. It’s purple (more purple than it looks here) and the paint is speckled. I think she’ll like it. I picked it up on Monday but since she’s not here lately, she hasn’t seen it yet! Smile




As an aside, if you could keep one of my pottery buddies in your thoughts & prayers, I’d appreciate it. Her marriage of 10+ years is crumbling and when I woke to that news this morning, my heart just broke for her and her daughter. I’ve only known her a few short months, but she’s the sweetest person you’d ever meet. Sigh.

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  1. Beautiful pieces! You are talented and yes I do know, because I have been taking ceramics for two semesters and my pieces dont look like that! I can see a little heart on the mug! So cute


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