Sunday, April 24, 2011



I haven’t dyed eggs in years, literally, so when my friend suggested a pizza/movie night for Friday, I jumped on board and added on an egg dyeing section of the night Smile

They aren’t anything fancy, but they are bright and colorful, something I certainly don’t mind seeing!

Oh, and how hysterical is this? Guess what my roommate wrote on one of the eggs? (and totally without realizing it?)

“Happy Birthday Jesus” Surprised smile

If you look closely you can see some of the letters. lol.

LOL….we all had a good laugh on that one. Apparently she’s stuck in December!

IMG_6514 IMG_6519 IMG_6520

IMG_6526 IMG_6525

The funny thing about this egg? It was never dipped in pink. Just green? ^<----

Did you dye eggs this year?


  1. After many years of dyeing eggs with kids, I've taken a break from it in the last couple of years. I suppose once I get some grandkids I'll be back at it. Sounds like a fun Friday night with your friend. Your eggs turned out great. Maybe that one should have read "Happy Belated Birthday Jesus!"

  2. I didn't dye any and I haven't in years actually. I always liked it though and I like hard boiled eggs too so I'm not sure what's stopping me!

    We went grocery shoppin tonight & there weren't any eggs!


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