Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hey It’s Okay Tuesday

Hey, it’s okay…

…to have a fantastic day at work

…and then have a bad one

….to be addicted to flavored water. Right?

…to wish the baby would sleep more than a half hour at a time

…to enjoy the People magazine crossword puzzles

…to spend a rare sunny day at the park, reading

…to love that on Tuesday mornings, there is an hour where I can catch up on blogging while Derek & Laney are at school and Tobin is napping

…to want to try (yet again) to get my budget under control

…to love my Twitter buddies. They keep me from going insane some days!

…to have lonely days

…to be glad that I get to spend more time with my friend Lyn lately, even if it’s because my roommate is gone for a month and her work friends are super busy

…to be sore after playing frisbee with Lyn. Exercise what??

…to be frustrated with the allergy/cold thing that I have going on. Some days Allegra helps, some days not at all.

…to love the phrases “I want to go to there” and “Go, be assassinated”

…to be enjoying a lot of graham cracker/icing snacks

…to want a month on a deserted island with some books and a journal and myself…even though when I mention it, my friends keep inviting themselves along

…to be bummed the flowers the kids and I planted were blown away in the huge windstorms we’ve been having

…to love my iPhone. It’s my friend.

… to want to continue pottery classes forever and ever. Who wants to sponsor me?? I’ll send you free mugs/bowls…!

Happy Tuesday, all!

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  1. Are you serious about having someone sponsor your pottery classes...cuz, I need some new dishes... :-)


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