Monday, April 25, 2011

The Kiddos

A couple of Mondays ago, the little almost-4 year old boy I watch was cracking me up. When I walked in the door a few minutes early, I heard Derek say, “Bethany’s here!” Smile

Later in the same day, I took the boys to a coffee shop, and Derek was going on and on about how he was so excited that it was FINALLY another Bethany day, that he enjoys going places with me…it was pretty cute Smile


On a recent actually sunny day, the boys and I went looking for bison in a nearby park. Derek told me he wanted to bring his (stuffed) dog, and carry him the baby Ergo. I had Tobin in the real one, but the older kids each own a small one for dolls or in this case, dogs.

And so, after a little talk about how it was a LONNNNG walk and he was going to have to carry Spud or Spot or whatever the dog’s name was that day the.whole.way, we set off. IMG_6451

He actually did really well, considering it was about a mile walk each way! We did have to stop for a break and as soon as we got to the bison (of course) he told me he had to go to the bathroom. Let’s just say the walk back was a little more painful since he refused to go in the woods. Disappointed smile

IMG_6455 IMG_6457


The two older kids took it up themselves to dress Tobin (yes, their baby BROTHER) up in a fairy costume. Surprisingly he seemed to enjoy the wings.



Laney hopped off the school bus one day last week with an Easter gift from the bus driver. Since when do bus drivers give gifts? Especially ones that are larger than my hand and more sugary than a cup of marshmallows??



And then, here’s my little peanut. Well, not mine, although these days when his mom arrives home from work he clings to me instead of going to her willingly. While I love that the little guy likes me, I have to admit I feel bad when he does that!

Nevertheless, he’s almost 13 months and in a fun mood lately. He’s mostly walking, he enjoys playing independently (coming back every once in a while to say hello to me), and LOVES to eat, absolutely loves it. Recently we were playing outside and he did a great job swinging (very lightly!) by himself. Smile



  1. Oh my, that is THE CUTEST little boy fairy I've ever seen!

    Looks like you've got a fun group of kids to take care of. Enjoy...

  2. My boys always loved to dress up in typical "girl" things. Why not? Why should girls get all the wings?


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