Wednesday, April 27, 2011

LadyBug, Part II


The other day, I pulled into Bug’s driveway and got excited. I hadn’t seen him in over a week and he’s a good buddy of mine. We always have fun together, aside from the bedtime book battle (we read three, he’d love to read about 100. Bedtime he does not love) Smile

And then I walked in his house and remembered something that had slipped my mind for a few seconds.

The new member of Bug’s family…


Ah, yes. Times may be different, ruled by a five-week old and three hour scheduled increments. Bug is not the only little one demanding attention.

But still, we will have fun, the three of us- LadyBug, Bug, and myself…three peas in a pod Smile Bug really is a great helper but dislikes when LadyBug cries. He covers his ears. Winking smile


Seriously, is there anything cuter than tiny baby piggies? I don’t think so!



  1. OMG...Bug and CUTE is that!!! :D Bet you love those little ones. Thanks for stopping by. I'm having some giveaways over the next few days if you're up to stopping around again:)

  2. wee little toes! Ack, the cute:)


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