Saturday, April 23, 2011


Spring is usually my favorite season. I love being able to spend time outdoors, plants budding, everyone outside. 

Yea...this spring? Not so much. We're what, 23 days into April? I'd estimate that 21 of those have had heavy rain, temps in the 30s/40s and some even a snowfall. Sigh. Seriously???

I'm so over the rain! I don't have much free time and when I do, I'd love to spend it outside reading, biking, enjoying the park. 
There was one day when it was nice and I found a couple trees budding...yay for color at least, I suppose. 

As one of my friends put it, we should begin building an ark right about now. No kidding. 

Oh yes, and here's my "new" car. I guess I did get it this month so it counts, right?


  1. I love that spoiler on the back of your car! So cute!!!!

    I'm always so happy to see the trees in bloom. They make me smile, but one good rain knocks all those blossoms off so fast!

  2. Congrats on the car! I am also hating this month. You must also live in Upstate NY because we have the same weather!

  3. Nice ride!!!

    Rain? We still have snow!

  4. congrats on the new wheels!!! I like spring but the pollen is killing me. Went for a walk today and I had a sneezing attack...


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