Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tie-Dye Day

Today the kids and I did a fun project- tie-dyeing! We picked a kit up at Michael's, where ironically we were informed they did not carry tie-dye kits. Ha. We walked around and found it ourselves, along with t-shirts. 

The kids were quite helpful. Tobin isn't old enough to participate but Laney and Derek had a great time. The whole project was done outdoors, where I saran-wrapped a kid's picnic table. The kids soaked shirts and then wrapped them. 

Laney decided to make a swirl shirt, and was also in charge of Tobin's shirt, which she folded. Derek rolled his. 

          The shirts soaked in ash for 20 minutes and after the kids got tired of stirring, I created a way to keep them down under water while we were otherwise occupied.

See the wooden spoons?? :)

And then the real fun began. Derek finished his shirt in two seconds flat, dumping blue and red on, no yellow, and no pattern in mind. Laney took much longer. That's usually how it goes with these projects. 

Although the kids used gloves, there was some fooling around and I was convinced that Laney's mom was going to kill me for her hands. Whoops. 

P.S. Who knew, but Mr. Clean Magic Eraser literally got about 99% of that off! 
Then the pieces were bagged up and after midnight I rinsed and washed. Walaa! 

Laney's shirt


Derek's shirt

Tobin's shirt

The bag I made...seriously LOVE!

Other side of it

Now, I'm not going to say the two hour dyeing process (yep, really) didn't have a bit of stress involved but  we all had a great time and the items turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself! 


  1. They turned out great. I especially love the bag! The kids haven't seen them yet right? They'll be so excited!

  2. *totally stealing this idea next time i'm with kids that are older!*

  3. Those came out great!! I swear, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are magical. How did we live without them!?

  4. Wow - awesome job!! and I love that you did a bag too; no surprise on being advised Michael's did not have the kits - whenever I ask for help at Michael's they take me all over the place and it depends on who you ask...


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