Sunday, May 01, 2011


I realize a lot of this has to do with Easter still, but let’s just pretend it’s simply Spring related…I’m just not organized enough to post everything Easter at the same time, plus that would make for a damn long post.
And so, a couple really simple crafty things the kids and I have been doing. Crayon shavings, egg shaped paper, paint, and just plain drawings. Nothing fancy, but colorful seems to help this dreary month. (Er, when this posts…it will officially be May, so last month’s crappy weather. Here’s to a beautiful May, what’cha say?)
photo-2 photo-3
photo-5  photo-7


  1. You do such fun things with the kids!!! I find it hard to be organized enough to plan much somedays, mostly because with three kids we are going in ten different directions (or so it feels, sometimes).

  2. Fun!!! Those kids are lucky to have you!


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