Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vacation, where are you?

I am in desperate need of a vacation. I need a break from the 6 am call of the alarm, the dreary rain, the carting around of children who are not mine. I need to sleep, read, sit by the ocean and hear the beautiful sound of crashing waves,

I am really struggling with having to work full time this summer. I don't mean to sound like a brat, for the last few summers I was still working, just not full time and usually not at 7 am. With babysitting I was able to set my own schedule and usually work evenings. These early mornings are killing me. Literally. No matter what time I (force myself to) go to bed, I wake up exhausted. I am just not wired to get up at 6 am. I'm more wired to work until midnight or 2 am, and I'm not joking.

So, yea. I'm worn out. I want a fun summer, a relaxing summer, and it's not happening. I'll be the chick working 60 hour weeks zombie-eyed while I dream of being on a beach somewhere...

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  1. I do so understand! And it is very hard to work against your natural body clock and rhythym. Hope it gets better!


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