Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hovering Mothers

When I lost the job- or guess I should say LEFT the job at the school, since ultimately it was my decision, I left behind of a lot of hovering mother-types.

I was the youngest one working there by a few years. The girls close to my age were more like sisters/friends but my boss, the secretary, and several of the teachers are decades older than me and seemed to enjoy chiding me about everything. If I had a cold, I was told to sleep and take Vitamin C. If I was going on a trip, I was told to be very careful. They commented on my hairstyle changes, new clothes, family and roommate issues…

My mom growing up was never overprotective that I can remember. When friends called their homes while we were out having fun to let their parents know they were on their way home, we stood by and watched. Our parents knew we’d be home when we got there and I never had a curfew- probably helped that I didn’t get my license until I’d already completed a few semesters of college. Nowadays, I’ll talk to my mom every week or so—not really scheduled times.

Enter my roommate. After living with two roommates who didn’t give a crap in the world what I was up to, if or when I would arrive home at night, what my plans were, I find my current living situation a little amusing.

My roommate’s mom is a little more…present? I’m not sure that’s the right word, but Hope’s mom definitely calls multiple times a week. When we went on spring break last year, Hope’s mom called her before we were out of the state, making sure she knew what area of the country we planned to be in at what time. I didn’t hear from/talk to my mom the entire time, and it was hysterical. Hope kept asking me, “Did your mom call yet?”…. “How about today. Have you talked to your mom today??”… It just cracks me up how my roommate, who is 10 years older than me, is checked on by her mom way more than me!

Were your parents protective? I think it’s interesting how my maternal grandma was the opposite of protective, and it’s definitely filtered down through the years with her children and grandchildren!


  1. mine hovered a bit because she was a worrier. Now we talk once a week. It is almost better that I don't give her every single detail of what we have going on. Sometimes I get extra chatty and have to kick myself :D

  2. Now that I'm grown, my parents are the least hovering of all my friends' parents. I visit them a few times a year, and we talk/text a few more times, and that's about it. I try to let my parents know before I go on a trip and when I get back, but sometimes I forget.


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