Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tan Help

I cannot even believe I’m writing the words tan and help on this blog.

No photo(.s) today, but I do need some help and input regarding another wedding thing. See, this is what happens with weddings. It’s like a big snowball. One request or issue rolls into another and it becomes a huge dealio. lol.

So, the dress I have to wear is a bright pink halter top sort thing. I don’t know, I’m not very fashionable with any of this.

Which is why I never thought I’d be asking for tanning help, but here I am. Clearly if my sister had chosen to get married in say, early or mid-May, I wouldn’t have this issue!

Anyway, it’s hot lately, 90* or so. I’ve been wearing tank tops and flip flops daily, resulting in tans even if I wear sunscreen. I’m truthfully not worried about my feet. The way I see it, the dress and fancy shoes, if I can find any that my feet actually accept (my feet are way wide and HATE “fancy” shoes. I wish I could wear flip flops. Island with a palm tree ) will be worn only for the actual wedding. Rehearsal? Flip. Reception? Flops.

But the back and shoulders? Ugh. It’s another story. So what do I use? I’m not a tanning bed person, and I’m not doing that. Are there self tanners that do not turn a pale Irish girl orange? HELLLPPP!!!!!!!! Surprised smile  Please someone tell me that I’m not going to ruin my sister’s fairytale wedding with white strappy lines showing? Fingers crossed

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  1. i hear that spray tans are the way to go. most tanning salons have them.


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