Friday, June 10, 2011



Earlier this month my roommate participated in a Warrior Dash- basically it’s a 3 mile race but with lots of obstacles throughout. I didn’t sign up because 1) I was being a wuss and 2) it was too close to my sister’s wedding.

I did go watch though, and now I wish I’d run with them!

(Some of these pictures are borrowed from L, who is one of Hope’s best friends. I had my camera and L’s camera during the race…but figured I’d give her credit!) Smile


Okay first of all…this is how our morning started out. We rode a bus to the race spot from where we parked, a couple miles away. Our bus driver was very nice, telling us to have a good day, enjoy, etc.

We hopped off, started walking, and… BAMMMM!

“Was that just our bus running into a pole?”

Seriously. Head on. Front of the bus, meet pole.


Anywayyyyyy…I’ll just post a bunch of pictures, because really the day was awesome. It was SO much fun to watch and I hope to participate at some point. I am totally not a “race person” AT ALL but watching some of the people and the physical shape they are in…I could do it. I think.

The costumes of some people were awesome!

IMG_6913 (2)

IMG_6910 (2)IMG_6909 (2)
Swamp Man..this guy must have been SO hot!


IMG_6762 (2)  241722_2076705518116_1259332672_2494539_5751894_o

248955_2076714838349_1259332672_2494577_6281927_n  250296_2076716158382_1259332672_2494579_3800808_n
(Did you spot me?)


IMG_6912 (2)

Planks and cargo net
IMG_6778 (2)


Towards the end- fire and then…
IMG_6785 (2)



IMG_6905 (2)

Can you spot the abandoned shoes?


IMG_6894 (2)  248751_2076710158232_1259332672_2494558_2472478_n 


IMG_6787 (2)
Warrior chowing down on a huge turkey leg

Super muddy shoes to give away

Ah..good memories!


  1. I bet Marty's transplant surgeon was there. Super cool.

  2. Looks SO FUN!!!
    And Bethany, that's a good look for you. ;)

  3. I LOVE the pics! You totally have to do that next year. I've heard they're a blast!

  4. so fun! My sister did the one in Ohio this year. she was a MESSSSS!


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