Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Time

I was invited to about six weddings this summer. Most of them I can’t attend, as they are out of state (like…Nebraska…now if it was Hawaii, maybe I’d consider it. Hehe!) or are occurring when I’m out of town. However, my sister got married a week ago and not only was I there in the state of Delaware (which I actually found to enjoy more than I was expecting- mostly due to the ocean I am sure!) but I was the maid of honor.

Now, I am not the maid of honor type. I hate attention, do not normally enjoy parties, and have been called an extroverted introvert, if there is such a thing. I had to walk down the aisle by myself, and I’m pretty sure I looked like I was frowning. Oh well. 262309_1895373979305_1090230269_31961299_6142716_n (2)
After the wedding, walking out. Smiling because thankfully I know my duties are over. Finally. Yay!

So, some snapshots from the day Smile My best friend Stevie came as my “date” from about 4 hours away which was awesomely fun. I also enjoyed hanging out with extended family members- didn’t really feel like I got enough time with them!

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All the “kids” in my family. Since the youngest is now 11, I’m not sure about the kid thing Winking smile

268909_232389500112756_100000251243159_905554_4299311_n - Copy
With a cousin at the reception

Church where the wedding took place

During Mass

Baby of the fam getting her hair done. She looked like she could be an Irish dancer Smile

Oldest and youngest waiting for the photographer and half the wedding party who went to the wrong location after the wedding…never boring

Bride, groom, siblings, parents, grandparents, ring bearer, flower girl

4 of 5 girls in the family

With Stevie Smile

My grandma um…enjoyed the drinks..?

My aunt made the cake- did a great job Smile

With another cousin

They cut the cake and then did something silly…





We shouldn’t have been surprised!


  1. Are the dresses coral or orange? Hard to tell on my phone. You looked good. You've got a big family!!!_ thanks for sharing.

  2. ok, the cake thing is a GREAT idea...and i totally may steal it. lol.

  3. You looked beautiful! It looks like the wedding was loads of fun as well!

  4. The wedding looked very nice. And you looked GORGEOUS! So did your sisters. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

  5. Gorgeous pictures! :)
    I'm glad it's all over now so you can relax & chill out the rest of summer.

  6. Aww! What a beautfiul family!

    Did they put those coats on so they could smear cake all over each other?

  7. you looked great!!! pink really suits your complexion. Glad it all wen't well :)


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