Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I’m having a few little issues over here.

I tried to use a self-tanner towel thing. I’m pretty positive it didn’t do anything, so here’s what I look like. Wedding to be in in like 9 days…lovelito, right? I'm in trouble!


Now what!?

Oh yes, and I made my sister a gift for the wedding and it broke in the kiln. Sigh. BIG sigh there.

(This is it before it broke. Clearly.)


  1. OUCH! Does the sunburn hurt? A self-tan towel? Never heard of that.

    Not sure how the pottery thing works, but can you fix the gift? Sorry it broke. :(

  2. Spray tan maybe?? (says the woman of Norwegian descent who once had a tan. Once. And by tan, I mean I didn't glow QUITE as much in the dark.)

  3. Man, you are having a rough time!! I'm confused as to how the tan turned out burn? it it a fake tan thingy?

    I've had my share of kiln breakage in my years making pottery. Sorry it didn't work out. Can you make them a new one even if it is an after wedding gift?


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