Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life Updates

Busy, busy, busy!

I’ve been enjoying summer as much as possible. This week is the first one I’ve had to work full time since the week of my sister’s wedding, thanks to said wedding, a week of vacation, my boss taking a vacation day, and the 4th of July being on a Monday!

Okay, so maybe that explains why I took a 1.5 hour nap this afternoon- that in addition to working a few hours this morning, working late yesterday, and babysitting four very active girls in an apartment on Tuesday evening. Whew.

So… a couple of updates~

Travels- I’m heading to DC and MA/RI in the next month. I’m excited about both, especially to get back to RI. It’s my favorite state- but then, I haven’t visited Hawaii yet Winking smile

Pottery- I haven’t been back. Very sad about that. (see below)

Car issues- (tying into pottery) Unfortunately, I’ve had car issue after car issue- literally about 1 a week in the last month. All required fixing (of course) and a few were quite expensive, completely wiping out my emergency fund. Blah. So, I’m back to square 1 with that…and decided to take the money I had saved for pottery and use it for gas when I visit family in RI. I’d regret spending a whole week in Ohio if I could be much closer to the ocean and visiting family. My grandparents, especially, I enjoy spending time with. They won’t be here forever, regardless of what they say. Smile

Work- it’s going well. This week has been a nice break in that regard, because Laney is in camp every day, all day. Laney and Derek have been at each other’s throats incessantly so they need to be apart for a while. In the fall, I’ll only have Tobin all day, Derek half day, and Laney for a few hours. I’ll be looking for some (very early) preschool-ish ideas for Tobin, otherwise we’ll be bumming around a lot Open-mouthed smile

And, I think that’s about it. Due to all the car issues, I’m looking into a second job- or at the very least, some (more!) babysitting on the side. We shall see.

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  1. Now you've got me all curious about Rhode Island and why you like it so much!


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