Monday, July 25, 2011

A Thursday

Thursdays are my saving days. It’s my day to catch up on life- sleep, reading, enjoying friends and whatever season we happen to be in at the moment.

Today was an interesting Thursday, to say the least. I picked my roommate up from school…the school I worked at for three years. It’s the first time in almost 14 months that I have pulled into the parking lot, so it was a big step, at least in my mind. I’m sure it doesn’t seem that way to most people, but the way I left the school was not how I’d have chosen, ever. It’s only with the help of friends, therapy, and the healing passage of time that I was able to do it today. My roommate asked last night if I was sure I’d be okay to do it- and I told her yes. I wouldn’t have suggested that in our scheduling if I knew I couldn’t. And six months ago? I wouldn’t have considered it, truthfully. It simply would have been too painful.

The roommate and I rode to my former secretary’s house for a perfect 105+* day- grilled chicken salads and two hours of simply chatting. As should be expected, I suppose, the talk turned to school. After all, that is what all three of us have had in common. Afterwards, I was thinking that as thankful as I am to have friends from the school (and be able to keep in touch with them), in some ways I do wish it had never happened- only because it’s an issue I have come to terms with. We’re NEVER going to know how Jessa came in and butchered my place in the school. Never. Let’s move on.

Time. It heals.

Anyway, I also got to hang out with another old coworker (see, it was a coworker Thursday!) and her two kids at the pool this afternoon. Seeing that it was the hottest day of the summer (so far?) it was a perfect excuse to chill, catch up, and cool off. Her kids are 9 & 5 and I’ve known them since the older one was in kindergarten. When she informed me she’s off to FOURTH GRADE this fall, my jaw about hit the pool floor.

Ah, Thursdays. You make Friday bearable.

(Written 7/21/11 but didn’t have internet to post!)

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