Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Trip to the Fish


Complete with crappy phone photos since I forgot my camera…of course!

With Laney out of school for the summer, the kids and I have been taking every chance we can to snag the van and hit spots around town. We don’t have a car every day- this week, we had three days in a row of being stuck at the house. Makes it challenging!

We walked into the “aquarium”, really a fish store and found this guy smiling his hello. I couldn’t snap a picture of it, but he was actually putting half his body up OVER the aquarium as if he was trying to escape!


Truth be told, Mr. Turtle was my favorite. He was friendly, too. Smile










Shrimp! Just don’t buy and eat…

IMG_1691    IMG_1692

Check out this guy’s eyes! I tried to crop it but then it looks even worse.


Just some more crazy fish…


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