Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Red rose

A couple of weeks ago (or maybe it was just a week now that I think about it!) I had lunch with my old school secretary, who I’ve known for about 3 1/2 years now. Her son was entering high school as a freshman when I met her, and now he’s heading to college in the fall!

I always enjoy seeing her and catching up. The topic actually came up during our lunch how we can not see or talk to each other for months, but when we see each other eventually, it’s like no time passed. Our conversations are casual, but we know a lot about each other. We are comfortable with each other- can sit in silence for a while without it being awkward, something that I think is hard to find.

My roommate recently met a couple of new friends and so the same topic came up with her. She wasn’t looking forward to going to dinner with the people and trying to think of something to converse about, so we were discussing how rare it is to 1) meet someone and right away feel comfortable with them and 2) find a friend that you can have a comfortable silence with!

It’s funny though. There are a few people, like Sharon…(hi, Sharon, sorry to use you as an example!) literally from the first time we met, I don’t think there was an awkward silence. At least not on my end.

On the other hand though, just because the beginning of a relationship doesn’t always go smoothly. The first time I met my best friend Stevie, I, being the name freak that I am, asked her what Stevie stood for…this is at the ripe old age of 9 or 10. In my mind, her answer was not nice- hehe- and I worried when I heard my mom had invited her family over to our house for dinner one day! Needless to say, that 2nd meetup went a little better! Smile

I also remember a good friend of mine, T, recalling the first time she remembers meeting me. We had just moved to Ohio, so I was about 12, and were at some gathering playing games. Apparently I beat T (I don’t even remember this day at ALL!) and so she decided she didn’t like me! Again…it turned out we actually DO get along well Winking smile 

Anyway, enough of the rambling…but do you feel the same way? First impressions aren’t ALWAYS right. Most of the time…yep. Open-mouthed smile


  1. I was blessed enough to find one of those "Silent Friends" when I moved across my home state to go to college. We live hundreds of miles apart now that I moved to Ohio but, meeting up together again is never awkward.

  2. First time we met, we seemed to hit it right off! Silence was unusual-you liked to cry. love, mom


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