Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Day at Cape Cod

Being that I have lots of family up East, it should come as no surprise that’s where I “vacationed” this summer. I took my youngest sister along with me and we had a blast of a week- time spent at the ocean, playing Phase 10 with some of my cousins, lots of time reading, catching up with friends, and way too much time (imo) in stores, though Rach would definitely argue with that...

This is sort of backwards, because I’m posting about what was actually our LAST full day in the Rhode Island/Massachusetts area, but oh well. I haven’t gone through some of the other days’ pictures yet!

We visited my uncle and his family who live on the Cape, and they took us to a beach that was pretty much literally in the middle of nowhere. We had to go down a dusty, dirt road to get there, but it was gorgeous!

Fresh fish for dinner?

IMG_9609 (2)

It was swampy, and while I don’t have a picture of it, there was actually a road cars could drove on on the beach!

IMG_9550 (2)

We had dinner at a different spot on the Cape- the sun was going down on the other side of the sky, but it was still gorgeous!

IMG_9620 (2)
Me with my oldest girl cousin. She’s 15 and I remember being THRILLED when I finally got a girl cousin! Smile We had fun together the week of vaca.

The tide came in like crazy. The grass you see in the second picture here is the same that’s covered in the third…cool, eh?

IMG_9554IMG_9553 (2)IMG_9582 (2)










IMG_9613 (2)












IMG_9625 (2)











IMG_9635 (2)

It was a great way to say farewell to the ocean Open-mouthed smile

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