Monday, August 15, 2011

Vacation Aftermath

I went on vacation.

I took a couple thousand pictures, which I should find time to post here.

However, with the absence of wireless in my house, I’ve spent the past week reconnecting with friends, meeting with potential new babysitting clients, wishing the last couple weeks of the kids’ summer away (but NOT mine…summer for me does not end yet, I won’t let it!!!) and reading lots… so here’s my hope. The kids go back to school next week- leaving me with just the boys in the afternoon and the youngest buddy of mine in the mornings! I hope to find time to sort though said vacation pictures and various blog stories that run through my head until I either blog them or forget about them. Smile

On the upside, take a look at my new pet! (No, I didn’t really bring him home but yes I wanted to!)…so, what has everyone been up to? As busy as me?


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