Friday, September 30, 2011

Freakin’ Hilarious

I’ve watched this about three times already and it makes me laugh every time.

Attention: Bones lovers…you’ll enjoy!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


a drastic haircut change.

I’ve had long hair forevvvvver- and I am tempted to keep growing this mane out…but I don’t know. That could take years!

What do you think of this cut?

I need something that is very, very low-key.
I usually shower @ night, I don’t use a blow dryer. I’m a wash n’ go girl!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


A few weeks ago, one of my friends came over and I offered her ice cream. As I scooped, she stared- and then asked if I always scooped with my left hand?


When I was 12, I broke my right wrist and had a cast most of the summer extending past my elbow to my upper arm. After the cast came off, we had a family dinner and I was eating as normal- until my dad chastised me for eating with my left hand when my right one was finally free to use.

I replied that I always eat with my left hand.

I write with my right hand, throw a ball with the same one…but gosh, my body is definitely not dominant on one side! Smile

I started exploring a website regarding the subject and then took their test and added a few tests of my own. Presenting my wacko results-


Do you have a super dominant side of the body? If you don’t know, take the easy test. It’s fun…but then again, I’m weird!

Monday, September 19, 2011

From the Grandparents


In the past couple months, I’ve been pondering the fact that while we absolutely inherit genes and likes/dislikes from our parents, it would seem that a part comes from grandparents directly.

As a youngster, my dad’s dad took pictures- hundreds and hundreds of them. Obviously, as you can tell from this picture, I loved that fact about him. Winking smile


I am the snobby 10 year old in purple on the bottom left- in all honesty, we were probably 50 pictures into this photo session honoring the birth of the 6th child in our family. While my parents were surely not thrilled with me at the time, I love this picture- or at least the fact that the face has been captured forever!

Anyway, in the last couple of years, I’ve really enjoyed photography in general, but it’s only been lately that I truly notice the beauty around me outside—and I have to admit, capturing a shot of nature is easier than capturing moving children or fish!

Crouching deer, hidden deer Winking smile


Flowers after the rain are pretty- especially with my friend Macro!
















The two boys & I visited a farm earlier this week and found lots of flowers and new animal friends…



























Making friends at the farmIMG_0149


Goodnight, moon   Red rose

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First of Fall Hikes


This time of year, with the weather cooling down and the leaves beginning to change, I really enjoy taking advantage of my city’s metro parks. It makes me take a minute to slow down, breathe the crisp clean fall air, and just relax. Smile

Since I had today off, I took a 3+ mile hike at a park north of here. It’s my favorite park and somehow I always seem to be discovering new paths.

So enjoy- I definitely did- and had a bit of fun with the settings on my camera too Smile













Ahh…it definitely was a perfect day for an (early!!!!) fall hike Smile Get out there and enjoy, my friends!


Sunday, September 04, 2011

My Bucket List


Friends of mine have a written bucket list- things they want to accomplish before leaving this world, hopefully years from now.


I’ve never written mine down- I suppose I should…

- all 50 states by age 50 (I still need to visit Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, North Dakota & South Dakota)
- adopt/raise a child
- ride a motorcycle
- buy a house
- go back to Austria, Ireland, Paris
- visit Greece, Australia, Egypt
- work/volunteer in an orphanage

Truthfully, there are probably more things that I’d add if I thought about it for too long Smile

Well, last weekend I got the chance to check one of the things on my bucket list off! My younger brother bought a motorcycle and he took me for a ride. It was fun, exhilarating, a tinnnnny bit scary when you lean… Open-mouthed smile






Do you have a bucket list? What is on it??