Thursday, September 22, 2011


A few weeks ago, one of my friends came over and I offered her ice cream. As I scooped, she stared- and then asked if I always scooped with my left hand?


When I was 12, I broke my right wrist and had a cast most of the summer extending past my elbow to my upper arm. After the cast came off, we had a family dinner and I was eating as normal- until my dad chastised me for eating with my left hand when my right one was finally free to use.

I replied that I always eat with my left hand.

I write with my right hand, throw a ball with the same one…but gosh, my body is definitely not dominant on one side! Smile

I started exploring a website regarding the subject and then took their test and added a few tests of my own. Presenting my wacko results-


Do you have a super dominant side of the body? If you don’t know, take the easy test. It’s fun…but then again, I’m weird!

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  1. Yeah you are weird! But that is probably "normal" for an injury like that as a kid!


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