Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fish Tumor

Tobin was sick for a good part of this week, so Mr. Derek and I have been hanging out together outside of the house while Mr. Sick Boy stayed home with his parents. On Monday, Derek and I:

- went to the bank
- got his hair cut
- went to the dollar store
- had lunch at Fazoli’s (free breadsticks YUM!)
- saw half of “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” (it was slow moving and after he’d watched the penguins for about 10 minutes he was all “when are we leaving?” sooo yea. The good news is that it was only $2 altogether for our tickets!)
- went to the pet store, where Derek held and then quickly let go of a kitten. Said kitten escaped under a food mallet not to be seen again for a long time. Apparently said kitten escapes out of his cage for days at a time…
- had ice cream, where we ran into Cbus Mom. I instantly recognized her because we’ve hung out with her kids (who were with her!), but I’d never officially met her! Fun times Smile
- hit the library

And all of this between about 9am and 3pm. I was exhausted!

A few pictures…

Derek wanted to take this turtle home. That would have been a surprise for her!Sarcastic smileIMG_2100

This parrot was all “hello! hello!” which made me laugh and Derek almost cry. It was pretty funny Smile


Now these little lizard/chameleon guys I would gladly take home! I’ve always wanted one.


I am pretty sure this fish has a tumor. We couldn’t find his eyes at all. I’ve never seen anything like it!

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