Saturday, October 08, 2011

New ‘Do!

I did end up chopping my hair about a week ago. So far, I really like it! It’s easy to wash/take care of, but I can still (kind of!) put it into a ponytail so that’s nice.

Here are a couple of pictures. I’ve had a LOT of compliments on it, even from people who very rarely see me- so I take that as a good sign. Smile

IMG_2053 (2)

Eh, I think it looks better in person, lol.

Also- my parents did a really cool (in my mind) silhouette cover page for their wedding program. I was in between jobs the other day eating dinner in my car and realized that the sun was perfect for shadows- so here is my silhouette. I don’t know, I think it’s neat!


I should compare it with my parents’ next time I’m at their house. I wouldn’t be surprised if mine is similar to my mom’s.


  1. Your hair does look really cute!! :)

  2. Nice hair cut! And awesome picture!


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