Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I haven’t blogged, really blogged…shared photos, stories, in a while. The honest truth is this. Well, it’s multifold I suppose- but

1) why write when no one but me reads…I need to remind myself that when blogging, I’m “documenting”, as one of my Austria buddies used to say. I DO enjoy coming back to read, so why don’t I just write for me?

2) it’s undoubtedly harder to blog with no wireless internet in the house. I’m not even home that much to begin with. When I am home, it’s evening and I tend to read/just chill after work. On my (rare) days off, I am usually trying to clean/do laundry/errands, etc. All that boring stuff.

3) I’m too busy living life! Of course, right now that means working, babysitting, the occasional time with family or friends. Somehow, they still haven’t created an app for reading minds and blogging, which is really too bad. I’ve thought up some awesome things to write while driving.

4) Pictures. Oh, the pictures. I do intend…or at least have the best intentions, to share photos and memories from this summer and fall. But then I begin to try and sift through, to find which photos to blog and share, and it is extremely overwhelming. I easily take 1000+ pictures a month. Now, not nearly all of those are pictures that I can (many kid pics!) or want to share (really, you want to see an acorn I was shooting in the park?) but it’s still extremely time consuming to sort through, edit, save, post…plus, see #2 & #3.

But hey, with that dreaded winter thing coming shortly, it’s quite possible that I will have more time on my hands. Or maybe not…you never know!

How do you avoid becoming overloaded when it comes to online life? Any tips for me?


  1. My 2 cents,
    1: I still read this, but don't comment because I have 20 different ways to get a hold of you that are faster and easier. Living life is better than blogging, you'll have fonder memories living them rather than writing about them, so don't worry there.
    2: buy a wireless router, they're not expensive and easy to password protect, you'll thank yourself for it.
    3: get an app called evernote, it will let you take voice notes while driving. Or better yet, get the dragon dictation app, it's not free but it's awesome, you talk it converts it to text which you can email yourself or copy and paste to a blog post.
    4: go through and post what you can, view it as one week at a time and only focus on that week, you'll find the sorting/posting goes by faster than you think it will.

  2. PS - Sharon's been talking about wanting to come and see you, hopefully we can make that happen sooner than later.

  3. I'm reading. Don't give up. :)

  4. I think it is just fine to blog for yourself. Blogs can be printed, so blogging is just a fancy way to keep a journal! Also, it looks like you do have some people who like to see what is going on in your life. Then there is the random stranger, like me, who stumbles across your blog :-) I am an introvert, so for me blogging is a way to express myself since doing it in person is MUCH harder. I like FB, Twitter and blogs but at times I do get overwhelmed by social media. When I do, I just take a week off and then come back refreshed. I always come back because I feel social media is important on many levels. So keep blogging, when you feel like it :-)


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