Thursday, November 10, 2011

Babysitting Gigs

Lately, I am taking any and all babysitting jobs I’m offered. I babysit on my day “off”, on Sundays, on weeknights..

It’s been fun to meet and watch a variety of families and children in the last couple of months. It’s always interesting to see how a family approaches meeting a new sitter.

I’ve had multiple families that post a job, I reply, and boom, the next day (or two) I am at their house babysitting. Sometimes I’ve met the family before the babysitting gig and sometimes not. Families with one young child and little or no family in town usually prefer to meet ahead of time and have a list of questions to ask potential sitters.

I’ll never forget meeting Bug’s parents over three years ago. We all sat stiffly in their living room, his parents on one couch with multiple pages of inquiries, a notepad and my resume. After a half hour or so of questioning, they seemed the typical first-time parents to me. Bug began to stir and cry in his bassinet and we all went over to ooh and ahh over him. After a minute or so I asked if I could hold him and they said I could. Of course, I scooped that blue haired, dark dark brown (at that time!) haired little newborn and held him close. His parents told me I looked comfortable with him and I must have passed the test, since he’s my longest-running babysitting client. Smile

Another family I’ve been sitting for are old students of mine. They have two girls and a boy, the younger two are b/g twins. All said, they are about a year and a half apart and I fell in love with them all when I worked at school. Fast forward 4 years and since I no longer work at the school, I’m allowed to sit for them Smile They are a sweet, low-key but fun family. Unfortunately, they are moving to Missouri in the next few weeks. I’ll really miss them but hope to keep up by being “pen pals” with the older girl.

Less than a week ago I met a family, pure Irish goodness. Both parents had noticeably Irish names and the dad reminded me of a mix of John Krasinski and a cute now-seminarian (or priest?) I went on a mission trip with years ago. Their adorable super blond haired son also has a cute Irish name and they had Irish television stations when I went to babysit the following day. LOVE IT.

Anyway…it’s fun getting to know new families!


  1. And you sound like the perfect babysitter too! Any family would be lucky to have you watching their kids!

  2. I have to tell you, it's super hard to find a truly trustworthy, fun, babysitter! We had one awhile ago when all my kids were babies but she has since moved on to bigger and better things and we've never quite found another sitter just like her.

    The families you work with are very blessed to have someone like you to watch their kids! Wish you lived closer!!!


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