Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lake Sunset

IMG_0112 (2)

I had an overnight babysitting gig this weekend  by the time I actually wrote this, let’s just say earlier this month. Winking smile I’ve stayed overnight with Bug and LadyBug many times, but only one other time with their parents. We all came up to the lake, about an hour from Big City, over the 4th of July. I probably never got to posting about it but fireworks over the water are awesome!

Anyway, we stayed in a different location this time. The area is deserted, all summer and fall visitors gone far away. The branches are bare, the air is chilly…

IMG_0105 (2)

but ohh, the sunset on Saturday night was just gorgeous! Unfortunately I had a 7 month old and 3 year old underfoot, so I had to take a couple of photos from the screened in porch…but it was so peaceful. Smile

IMG_0063 (2)

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  1. Hey friend! Just catching up on all your writing! I've missed it! I miss my I love the new layout!


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