Sunday, November 13, 2011

Missing Grandpa

It’s been almost two years since my grandpa passed away, but some days it doesn’t take much to bring grief to the front. It’s a weird thing, honestly. This fall I was at a festival and saw honey. Boom. My grandpa was a beekeeper. Another day, I saw the beeswax I bought at said festival…again, it was back.


Earlier this week, Tobin and I were at Michael’s and I saw these for sale.


It’s crazy, really. When I was probably 7 or so, I got one of these for my birthday- and most birthdays and Christmases following for years from my Grandpa. He meant well, but it became almost comical, the number of these our family accumulated. Smile

Miss you, Grandpa!

IMG_0614 (2)


  1. I'm sorry. :( He must have been a special person, for sure. I think it's good to allow yourself to still miss that person & grieve. It's sad, but I think it's good, too. He is obviously still a part of you. :)

  2. I am the same way with my grandma little things can make me remember her & the tears come & she's been gone 6 years now.



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