Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Moonlight Canoeing

I thought I would start out the month by telling you about a fun experience I had not long ago. Okay, so in all honesty it was actually Labor Day weekend. Whoops.

I have visited many, many young adult groups around my city. If it’s hard to find a new friends a new GROUP of likeminded friends is even more challenging. I’ve visited Catholic groups, Christian groups, non-religious groups. Some meet weekly, some monthly…either way, it’s hard to break into a new group. It’s like being at a new job- trying to discover everyone’s names, likes and dislikes, relationship status, what they do for work, family life, etc.

Anyway, so on my most recent search for a group this past summer, I came across Levate. Levate is a young adult group that is part of a local Baptist church. I’d been getting their emails all summer, but between my sister’s wedding, being out of town, my work and babysitting schedules, I just never made it to an event.

Enter the week before Labor Day. I got their weekly email as usual and it announced that the group was going Moonlight Canoeing. Hey, I thought, that sounds like fun. Amazingly because it was on a Sunday night, I was free, so I decided to RSVP.

The morning of the canoeing, I woke up to an absolutely rainy day- the kind that pour continuously and have no end in sight. I emailed the leader to see if the canoeing was still on and he said he wasn’t sure…so I just waited the day out until confirmation came that yes, it was still on.

I arrived at their church to find a big (25ish people) group standing around ready fort this trip. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be introduced to 20+ people at a time? LOL. They all seemed nice though and I climbed in a big van with a buttload of other people. I met a lot of them- one of the girls I sat next to, Rachelle, had just moved to the city a couple of weeks ago. Her boyfriend, Micah, taught at the same school as Rachelle and another girl, Sari. Bess is also a nanny, of four children. Krissy was a good friend of Rachelle’s and used to be the leader of the young adult group. Her husband, Doug, drove the van. Surprisingly, a good amount of them had been homeschooled, including my seatmate Sherri.

We finally arrived at our canoeing destination, paid, got lifejackets, and began doubling up for canoes- a couple people did end up kayaking solo but in the dark, and not knowing anyone, I decided to play it safe. Winking smile

Sherri and I paired up together and before we began our venture downstream, the rainfall began again in earnest. And soaked us all within two seconds…

Okay, so our “moonlight canoeing” wasn’t quite what I imagined…


Instead, this is more of what we saw


Yes, pitch dark. However, it was definitely an adventure and gave me a crash course in the group of Levate. More to come on them later!


  1. Cool! SOunds exhilarating!

  2. I have to commend you for just getting out there and meeting this group! I'm not sure I would've been as brave! They sound like a really wonderful, friendly group of people!!

  3. Glad you have met some new people. It must be so hard to join and not know anyone! You're brave!


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