Sunday, November 06, 2011

NaBloPoMo Prompts Week I

I didn’t know that NaBloPoMo was going to have writing prompts five days a week, and I already planned & wrote a bunch of posts for the month. I think I’ll do a weekly prompt round up although the day of the week they post may not be consistent…because where’s the fun in that? Winking smile

Nov. 1 Prompt
What is your favorite thing about writing? I don’t know that I have one favorite thing. That probably sounds bad…but I love to share pictures and stories, and it’s therapeutic for me to blog, I swear. Plus, the online friends I’ve made are a huge added bonus. Smile

Nov. 2 Prompt
If you knew that whatever you ate would be your last meal what would it be? Easy peasy…Piada. We are in a love relationship. Yummmm. I usually…okay, always, who am I trying to kid, get a piada with crispy chicken, pasta, promodoro sauce, mozzarella cheese, lettuce and tomato. If I have a little extra moolah, I’ll get a peach iced tea and reminisce about Italian peach iced tea. Smile Don’t even tell me how many calories my meal is, I don’t want to know.

Nov. 3 Prompt
Can you listen to music and blog? What have you listened to today? I can, and do, listen to music while blogging. Today I’ve heard Vanessa Carlson, Matt Nathanson, Graham Colton, Lady Antebellum…my iTunes is usually on shuffle! A lot of the time I’m writing though I’m catching up on random tv shows. Haha.

Nov. 4 Prompt
When you are writing do you prefer to use a pen or a computer? I like both…but as I found out recently, one of my close friends writes out her blog posts on paper before typing..ahhh, that’s awesome! I’m just not that organized!


  1. I haven't been using the prompts. Maybe next week or even tomorrow. What is Piadda?

  2. Haha I'm not sure I would call my way of blogging awesome....just crazy & adding an extra step!


    PS-Let's go to Piada soon!


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