Friday, November 04, 2011

Oh, Friends of Mine

I’ve had some interesting conversations with my friends lately. Most of my friends live hours away, so we stay in touch through phone calls, texts and Facebook.

One of my good friends from teenagehood just had a miscarriage, her second in a row. She was lying in bed recovering when I called to check up on her. She lamented that her husband, a hard working, gentle guy is having to do all the housework and childcare—I told her to enjoy her rest as much she can. After all, she’s the one who usually does all of that! Anyway, the conversation moved on to all of the things I do alone—countless things really. I drive through late hours of the night/early morning hours in the country, go to festivals and state parks, hike, go to young adult groups, meetings where I know no one, dinner out alone, the movies…it was funny, because I told her that I sometimes get tired of doing it alone but have a saying, “I’d rather do it alone than not do it at all”. She began commending me on all my lone ventures, saying that she has always admired the fact that I will do things by myself. After being in many relationships and eventually marrying, she never took the time to do things alone and discover who she is a sole person.

I’d rather be able to hang out with her in person but sometimes a phone call can really make my day. Smile My friends rock (they just need to live closer, all of them. Think I can convince all of them to live in some kind of cool compound with me? Not that that would be weird or anything…)

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