Thursday, November 17, 2011

Paragliding in the Alps!

Bethany paragliding (2)

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return”- Leonardo DaVinci

Paragliding View in Switzerland- October '04 #8

Just about seven years ago, I was a chubby faced 19 year old backpacking throughout Europe. I spent the semester living in a tiny village in Austria. I’ve recently come across my photos from the semester but unfortunately wasn’t able to copy all of them from the cd, this was before the time of Facebook and Twitter, if you can imagine! Winking smile

I have a 33-page document composed of the emails I sent to family and friends while in Europe, if anyone would care to read it. I’m sure it’s full of stories I’ve forgotten, so I’m excited to reminisce a little.

This particular trip was taken with my friends Anna and Jill. My parents, on a two-week trip gifted to them, had just visited Switzerland and sung its praises. As a poor college student, I promised them I’d keep an eye on my money and not do anything crazy.

And then I went paragliding, in the Alps, and never regretted the splurge! Open-mouthed smile 

Bethany paragliding (3)

It honestly WAS a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and wasn’t too expensive. While a bunch of my classmates blew their money on alcohol, two of my friends and I went paragliding? I’ll take it.

It was awesome! We spent our time in a hostel in Interlaken, where I first watched Ferris Bueller’s Day off. The weekend we were there was Halloween weekend, which was spooky around the hostel. However, they offered cheap rates and delicious chocolates!

The mountain we ran/jumped off was called Zweilütschinen, according to my notes from ‘04. Hopefully they are trustworthy! It was 2624 feet in the sky, I think. I’m not sure. My notes say over 2000 miles in the sky, but I’m postive that is not correct. Winking smile

Interlaken, Switzerland- October '04 #3 (2)

I was the first one to take off and the last one to land in a field below, meaning I had an awesome half hour or so in the air. I’ll never forget the spectators below, watching as we glided around the air…it was so amazing- I can still remember vividly what it felt like!

Lots of pictures…even after this many years, I can’t choose!

Paragliding View in Switzerland- October '04 #10 (2)  Paragliding View in Switzerland- October '04 #13 (2)

Paragliding View in Switzerland- October '04 #14  Paragliding View in Switzerland- October '04 #16 (2)

Paragliding View in Switzerland- October '04 #17 (2)  Paragliding View in Switzerland- October '04 #19

Interlaken, Switzerland- October '04 #2 (2)

Bethany paraglidingBethany paragliding (4)Bethany paragliding (10)

We did more than paraglide in Switzerland, stay tuned. There will be more!

Bethany paragliding (6)

Have you ever done an extreme sport? If not, would you ever? Does paragliding even count?!


  1. Can't really see me ever doing an extreme sport but I loved reading about your experience:)


  2. Great photos! Sounds like a wonderful experience of a lifetime. I want to try paragliding now!


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