Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: A Year in Review: Part I

I feel like 2011 was an okay year for me. My first thoughts were that nothing really major happened. No one in my family died, I didn’t date or travel overseas…2012 should be interesting!

In January, I went skiing for the first time in 20+ years, joined a bowling league, enjoyed snowy parks, hung out with old friends and coworkers on football Sundays, began taking pottery classes, visited the zoo in 10* weather, took my sisters sledding…

Jan 2011

February brought an ice storm, rainbow cookies, chocolate making with the kids I nanny for, a visit to my best friend in Pennsylvania, the birthday celebration of a stuffed dog, a trip to Toledo to visit my friend Sharon’s new baby Cillian, my 26th birthday…

February 20111February 2011

March was full of fun. I played Michael Jackson dance Wii at Stacy’s house, celebrated my birthday with my family, kicked my family’s butt in bowling,  visited Cincinnati, went to Lake Erie with two college friends, saw Tangled in 3D, watched many scary movies, welcomed Ladybug, and dog sat even though I don’t like dogs.

March 2011March 20111

My new car arrived in April, along with warmer weather, flowers popping up, resetting a car radio, bison, tie dyeing, a visit to the piano bar, lots of time outside, getting pulled over in my new car, dyeing Easter eggs, and Cillian’s baptism.

 April 2011April 20111

May is usually my favorite month. I turned the Santa Maria, discovered the show “Bones”, watched my sister fall into a creek, rope swung, and visited Hocking Hills with friends.

May 2011May 20111

Part II coming soon! Smile


  1. All those pictures you take is a great idea to do this with. Hmmm I should organize mine better this year, -Anna


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