Thursday, December 22, 2011


I was going to write about this before, but didn’t want to say anything until it was planned out a little more. Over Thanksgiving break, my sister Lyd and I signed up and recently got word that we were accepted-

We will be spending a week in Guatemala  in June!

We will be going with a Christian group that our family has supported for over 20 years. CFCA stands for Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. By sending monthly payments, we help support children in third world countries. Occasionally, we receive letters and photos from the children and it’s exciting to watch them grow as we support them for multiple years. Smile

I personally support a teenage girl named Joy, who lives in the Philippines, but two of the young girls my family currently sponsors live in Guatemala, so hopefully we will be able to meet them!

Lyd and I would love your prayers and support as we prepare over the next few months for this trip. It will be Lyd’s first mission trip as well as her first time out of the US.! Smile


  1. Wonderful! What an opportunity for both of you!!!

    I hope to one day go on a trip as well!!!

    1. I think it will be great! I hope you get to travel with them someday. From what I keep reading/seeing online the trips are really wonderful.


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