Monday, December 12, 2011


There are a million posts in my head- but I have literally had a non-stop schedule. A few more months and this absolute crazy work schedule should be over…

As a former teacher, my life was overflowing with leftover gift cards. Add to that library cards, store membership cards, ice cream punch cards…it was driving me batty. The cards were hiding, it seemed, all over my house.

So here is my simple solution. I bought a cheap clip-shut box at Target. It measure about 3 inches in height, maybe 6”x10”.


It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the hot mess I had going before. Besides, when I went Christmas shopping with my sisters and mom, they were all impressed by the box. Haha… Smile The plastic box stays in my car, since 99% of the time I am in need of a card, I’m arriving at the restaurant or store via my car.


What are your tips for organizing gift cards?


(Now, if I had a bigger budget for storing gift cards, this is cute!)


  1. I saw the Piada notepad in there. Girlfriend, we may need a intervention! LOL.

    I am passing this award on to you.

  2. That was meant to be

  3. I like and thanks a lot


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