Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Pet Mouse

We don’t really have a pet mouse- but we do/did have a mouse in the house!

I was babysitting the other night and received a text from my roommate – “Are you afraid of mice?” Surprised smile

Nah, being a sure fire country girl, I’m not afraid of mice. After a few more texts were exchanged, I learned that there was a little mouse scurrying around our living room. My roommate managed to get Mousey under a bowl and when I arrived home, he was waiting for me under the bowl in between our living room and kitchen. I grabbed a Toys R’Us ad I had no use for anyway (their toys are way wicked expensive) and deposited Mousey out by the fence in our parking lot.

Farewell, pal. I’d honestly take you over a shedding cat or dog any day…

1 comment:

  1. I cringe just thinking about it! Good for your roommate to have you, but dang, I'd want that mouse to have NO chance of ever coming back!


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