Saturday, December 24, 2011

Unwrapping Christmas Traditions

I love hearing about everyone’s Christmas traditions. How does your family celebrate?
- My family has an annual Christmas party. I haven’t been able to attend for a few years now, but there are usually around 100 people (or were back in the day...)
- I have the job of hanging the Christmas stockings, or did when I lived in my parents’ house.
- On Christmas Eve, we have our family dinner of ham, au gratin potatoes, rolls, etc.
- On Thanksgiving, we each pick a name of one of our siblings to buy a gift for. This started years ago when we were really young and didn’t have money to buy 6 siblings & 2 parents a gift, but it’s continued to this day. On Christmas Eve, we exchange our “Secret Santa” gifts.
- After SS gifts and dinner, we attend Christmas Eve Mass.
- In past years, I have enjoyed the quiet of my parents’ house after Mass, as the rest of my family goes to a party until early morning. Last I heard, this may be changing- and that’s sad to me. After a few full family days, I usually enjoy the quiet, still house, twinkling tree, Christmas movies, hot cocoa and pizza.Lol…
- On Christmas morning (er, afternoon, depending on how late my family is out the night before) all of us wake up to a candy cane at the foot of our bed.
- Before we go downstairs to catch sight of the tree, a frumpy picture is taken of all of us on the stairs.
- Once we are downstairs, we can open our stockings and the little gifts inside, but nothing else.
- When it is time to open gifts, we go one at a time. With 9 people, gift opening literally takes most of the day. Open-mouthed smile
- During the gift opening, we snack on bishop’s bread and coffeecake. Later in the day, there are meatballs and/or leftovers ready and waiting in the kitchen.
That’s my Christmas, what is yours like?
Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. i love your frumpy christmas those are some great traditions!! merry christmas friend!

    1. Haha you would like those pictures. ;) Happy belated one-month-after-Christmas. Teehee.

  2. We open one gift on Christmas Eve. No special dinner. We order pizza usually.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Pizza! Always good in my book ;)


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